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Does it hurt?

Always the first question…And the answer is “sometimes”.  There are a few variables, such as the distance of the shot and where it lands.  Of course, the up close shots to bare skin can be a bit annoying.  Long range shots to a padded/protected area of the body are frequently not felt.  The worst case scenario is about the same intensity as a “towel pop”, and it can leave a welt and sometimes a bruise.  Best case scenario is that you don’t feel the impact at all, and the referee will call you out, by seeing the impact.

When can you play paintball?

We are open every Saturday and Sunday (with the exception of a few holidays), from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Private parties (both Low Impact and regular paintball) can be booked from Monday to Friday (during daylight hours) as well.

What is ``Low Impact``?

Low Impact is a version of paintball, where smaller/lighter paintball markers are used, to shoot smaller/lighter paintballs, at a slower speed.  The Low Impact option of paintball is available for any private party (see our rate page for details), but is ideal for the 8-11 year old groups.  The Low Impact format is an option only for private parties, as Low Impact cannot be mixed in with “Rec Ball”.

Are there age limits in paintball?

There is no upper age limit for paintball; however, common sense is encouraged.  Low Impact is ideal for ages 8 to 11, with regular paintball being available for ages 10 and up.  The minimum age for Low Impact is 8 years old, and the minimum age for regular paintball is 10 years old.

What is a private party?

A private party is an option, to allow you to play as your group of players, and not mix in with the “recreational paintball” crowds.  When you book a private party, you will have your own private referee/coach, who will assist with helping the players prepare for the games, as well as coaching and officiating during the games.  Your private referee/coach will take you to all of the available fields that you request, and will allow your group to play at the pace and intensity that you prefer.  It should be noted that we currently have 13 distinct playing fields; however, we frequently upgrade or repair fields, which can limit access on some days.  In other words, not all fields are guaranteed to be available on every day; however, we only repair and upgrade one field at a time, leaving the remaining 12 fields available for play.

Are reservations required

Yes, for private parties, or “Rec Ball” groups of 10 or more.  Players are encouraged to book private parties at least one week in advance, to ensure availability.  We can occasionally accommodate last minute or even same day private parties; however, this is not encouraged.  Smaller groups (less than 10 players) that wish to join “Rec Ball” can basically come out on any weekend and join the Rec Ball crowd.  Please check our Facebook “Event Calendar” to ensure that your desired date is not in conflict with a scenario.

What rental equipment is available?

The basic rental package includes a semi-automatic (one trigger pull = 1 paintball down range) paintball marker set (including barrel sock, tank and hopper), and a set of ASTM approved paintball goggles.   Low Impact players may also request a chest/torso protector.  The rest of your apparel is up to you.

What is “Rec Ball”, and when is it available?

“Rec Ball” (AKA Wreck-Brawl) is recreational paintball, where all of the walk-on players will play.  Rec Ball is traditionally available every Saturday and Sunday, with registrations starting at 9:00 am, and the first games starting at 10:00 am.  We will play games throughout the day, until the final game wraps up at 4:00 pm.  Players are welcome to play the entire day (covered in the admissions), or can come and go, as their schedule allows.  The latest recommended arrival is 2:00 pm, considering the time it takes to get registered, receive a safety briefing, chronograph the markers (mandatory), and be placed on a team.  The price of admission covers the entire day, so early arrival is recommended, when possible.

What should you wear?

That is up to you; however, we recommend layers, when weather permits.  We will be outdoors, running/crawling through wooded playing fields, so “yard work” appropriate clothing will be fine.  Try to stay away from bright colors that say “shoot at me first, please”.  Earth tones or camouflage patterns are ideal.  Good shoes with ankle support are also recommended.

Can you bring food?

Yes; however, a concession stand is on premises with food and beverages available.  We do not currently have the ability to provide cakes or ice-cream, so birthday party appropriate sweets should be purchased off site.

Do we play in the rain?

Yes, rain or shine.  We have several pavilions to use for cover, if necessary.  All of our fields are outdoor, so please be prepared for the pop-up showers that are common for Charleston.  The rain generally does not affect our ability to play games, but all players should be aware that outdoor events may coincide with a few rain drops, from time to time.

Are “Waivers” required?

Yes.  All players must complete a waiver, for every day of play.  Players under the age of 18 must also have their waiver signed by a parent, guardian, or “responsible adult”.

How many paintballs should you expect to shoot?

This is completely up to the individual player.  Some people shoot a few hundred paintballs during an entire day of play, while others shoot several thousand, during a full day of paintball.  On average, most people seem to shoot between 150 and 200 paintballs per hour, but of course, this is a gross generalization.  Additional paintballs can be purchased at the field, as you need them ($17 for 500, or $45 for 2000).

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